Have you seen our advent calendar today?
Today our year 9s enjoyed a site tour of our new building, it was great to see its progress https://t.co/NBy8swv1uo
@RGTrustSchool, 2 days ago
Congratulations to today's advent winner Cerise from year 8, with a beautiful festive poem #festive #advent #RGTS https://t.co/c4sJs2ADlg
@RGTrustSchool, 2 days ago
Congratulations to our advent winner yesterday, a beautiful festive picture from Hannah in year 8 #creative #RGTS #festive https://t.co/GJ3UaGRbev https://t.co/XLkEU0Rkdz
@RGTrustSchool, 3 days ago
Congratulations to our advent winners yesterday, it was Savannah in year 7 and Florence in year 9 with a beautiful festive poem https://t.co/GJ3UaGRbev . #festive #rgts #adventcalender #talentedstudents https://t.co/ASnSpXoKX0
@RGTrustSchool, 4 days ago
Last week our students were inspired by a talk about pursuing Maths beyond GCSEs @Founders4School #maths4girls #inspired #RGTS #founders4schools https://t.co/bQ7nGHHfvF
@RGTrustSchool, 4 days ago
A sneak peek inside the new building! Thank you @OSaunders92 for taking the photos! @UST_CEO we hope you enjoyed the visit! https://t.co/hmhXPDkq6W
@RGTrustSchool, 5 days ago
A look inside our new building today here at @RGTrustSchool - the senior team were joined by @UST_CEO and the site team to take a look around. #newbuild #excitingtimes #comingsoon #learning #facilities #schoollife #hardhatson https://t.co/bkqDYPMabH
@RGTrustSchool, 5 days ago


  • 16/12 12:30 Winterfest: Christmas Lunch
  • 17/12 16:30 Winterfest: Student Pantomime
  • 18/12 16:30 Winterfest: Winter Fair
  • 19/12 16:30 Winterfest: Staff Pantomime
  • 20/12 Last day of term
  • 20/12 10:45 Winterfest: Christmas Reward Assemblies
  • Whole School
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